Hawaii’s shifty rainbows taught me a lesson about wanting and waiting.

Image by Anni Roenkae from Pexels.

The Certainty and Elusiveness of Rainbows

To illustrate my confidence in these many sightings to come, here’s some background. Hawaii has more rainbows than most other places due to the ideal combination on the islands of rain, mist and sunlight. They have athletic teams named after rainbows.

Mirage in Paradise

On one tour to visit local tide pools, I tried to manifest a faint rainbow in the clouds, like a mirage in the desert. My driver couldn’t see it (in fact he told me it was the wrong direction from the sun for a rainbow), and I knew I was just straining for colors. I couldn’t understand it.

My Last chance

And, it was the most recommended spot near the resort for evening rainbow-spotting. The rugged cliffs were deserted that afternoon and I had the ocean all to myself.

Unexpected Meaning

I sat and stared for a long moment, my mouth opened, too stunned to form cohesive thoughts. I was humbled and tearful, and once my mind settled, I knew it would be one of the most profoundly spiritual moments of my life.

I was too distracted to get a picture of my rainbows. But these were captured by Alex from Pexels.

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